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Client Focus: Marana Group

One community bank green-lights innovation.

Marana Group

When Marana Group had a significant sustainability proposal, their former bank reacted with skepticism. Thankfully, David’s commitment to preserving innovation and the planet led him to greener pastures. “Our previous bank only cared about our loan payments,” the President of the 40-year-old data, document and distribution services company said. “Chris and First National Bank of Michigan made it possible for us to cut our gasoline consumption by 50 percent. They’re different because they actually hear me when I talk. It sounds simple, but their listening has been critical to our success.”

For Marana Group, it’s Easy Being Green
Family owned and managed, Marana Group offers the full compliment of data, document and distribution services to schools, colleges and universities, health care providers, government agencies, and businesses across the world. Their steadfast commitment to serving the planet has also meant protecting its future by reducing their carbon footprint and maintaining a robust recycling program.