Our Financial Ratings – and what they mean to you...

First National Bank of Michigan continues to receive top rankings among Michigan commercial banks as determined by independent groups such as Financial Management Consulting Group and Bauer Financial. It's all good news, but for people outside the banking industry, understanding the significance of such recognitions can be hard to grasp. CEO John M. Schreuder explains it this way:

Rankings such as Bauer Financial's 5-Star rating mean that First National Bank of Michigan has a quality loan portfolio with very few losses. It also means that we have strong earnings – which makes it possible to expand our loan portfolio. A strong bank is able to have stronger impact on the community. In fact, our loan portfolio grew by 20 percent over the last year – significant growth at a time when the banking industry as a whole saw loans shrinking. At the community level, deposits in First National Bank of Michigan are used to help local business expand. We essentially reinvest in our community. Since the bank was established in 2006, the portfolio has grown as our investment in the community has grown. So rankings that affirm the robust health of First National Bank of Michigan represent good news for our depositors, our investors and for local business.

"Having a very strong asset quality ratio demonstrates that our borrowers are paying their loans as agreed, and indicates they are in a healthy enough position to do so. We feel that it is a demonstration of the economy being stronger in West Michigan, especially in Kalamazoo, Portage and Grand Rapids  – than in many other parts of the state.."

–John M. Schreuder / Chairman & CEO
First national Bank of Michigan