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Client Focus: DUCA Stoneworks

One local bank elevates banking to an art form.

DUCA Stoneworks

Jacob Boot and his talented staff treat their trade like an art form. Thanks to their integrity, creativity and commitment to quality, DUCA Stoneworks, Inc. has transformed countless projects into masterpieces. When he recently decided to expand his 22-year-old business, Jacob found a banking partner who also values going above and beyond.“Greg is professional, straightforward and responsive, and he actually understands and shows interest in what we do,” he said. “I don’t like paperwork, but Greg made the whole process almost enjoyable.”

Stoneworks of Art

Educated in Construction Engineering and Business Administration in The Netherlands, Jacob, Founder and Owner, DUCA Stoneworks, Inc., embraces the European quality for life mantra. Experts in tile design, granite fabrication and installation, he and his team consider every project a work of art-whether they’re lending their craft to remodeling, new construction or anything in between.