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Snow Days Festival in Grand Rapids

Ice Sculpture to be displayed at 141 Ionia Ave. N.W.

February 8, 2017

Source: Deb Lang
Job Title: Marketing Director, First National Bank of Michigan

Snow Days Festival in Grand Rapids

First National Bank of Michigan is excited to announce that the Grand Rapids branch is a Participant in this year’s 2017 “Valent-ICE” Competition and the “Snow Days Festival” that accompanies it.

There will be 50+ ice sculptures that turn Downtown Grand Rapids into a gallery of ice art and this Ice Piggy Bank is displayed right outside the front door on Ionia Avenue!

Snow Days ice sculpture in Grand Rapids

There are Walking tours, Live ice-carving events, a human Hungry, Hungry Hippos Challenge (yes, they do it with actual people)…. the list goes on! Festival flyers are available in the lobby and the FNBM ice sculpture was delivered on Friday, February 10th. For those of you with kids, it promises to be a great time, so bring them downtown to enjoy the festivities!

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